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Landlord Tenant Litigation

Chicago Landlord and Tenant Lawsuit Lawyer

Barry C. Zachary P.C. provides comprehensive services in this area beyond what is offered by many other landlord and tenant lawyers. The broad range of services in landlord and tenant litigation includes such services as lease, contract and statutory rights enforcement and preventing the forfeiture or loss of a tenant's home or business premises.
Landlord and tenant law in Illinois is driven by both legislation and case law, with the law constantly evolving into complicated rules and procedures that often invoke other, interrelated areas of law. Litigation in this field is complex, and the administrative procedures, filing limitations, evidentiary requirements and other procedural demands can be confusing without the skilled guidance of a practiced lawyer whose practice emphasizes landlord and tenant law.

Landlord / Tenant Litigation

In conjunction with his established real estate practice, Barry C. Zachary P.C. both prosecutes and defends in litigation involving tenants, landlords, subtenants, licensees, property managers, and related parties of both residential and commercial properties. In this practice, he represents either party on all landlord and tenant litigation matters, including those of:
* Holdovers and Nonpayment Proceedings
* Rent Overcharge Proceedings
* Damage to Property Disputes
* Summary Proceedings
* Contract Actions Between Former Tenants or Landlords
* Wrongful Evictions
* Injunctive and Declaratory Judgment Actions
* Rent in Arrears Collection Actions
* Tenant Evictions
* Orders to Show Cause
* Emergency Relief
* Judgment Vacatur
* Retaliatory Evictions
* Self Help Evictions
* Breach of Warranty of Habitability
* Landlord Liability
* Tenant Privacy Rights
* Fair Market Rent Appeals
* Appeals
If you are a tenant or landlord in the greater Chicagoland area and need legal advice, you can rely on the experience and ability of Barry C. Zachary P.C. to provide you with the accurate legal direction to resolve your matter in an expedient and affordable manner. Whether you pursue your resolution through either litigation or settlement, Barry C. Zachary P.C. can apply their proven strategies to efficiently resolve your dispute.

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