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Condominium Law

Chicago Metropolitan Area Condominium Law Attorney

Barry C. Zachary P.C. is available to assist real estate developers in the purchase, development, and sale of condominium property. Our goal is to facilitate profitable real estate investments and help our clients comply with all applicable laws.
We represent developers in all phases of condominium conversion and new condominium construction projects, including:
* Facilitating the purchase of an existing building or the purchase of land
* Title search and title insurance
* Preparing all disclosure documents and property reports
* Compliance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act
* Compliance with municipal codes and ordinances
* Resolution of mechanics lien problems
* Formation of the homeowners association
* Creation of the homeowners association bylaws
* Drafting and review of property purchase agreement language for individual units
* Representing the developer at individual unit closings
Our experience in condominium law helps ensure that projects proceed with a minimum of delays. When a problem does arise, we have the knowledge and expertise to resolve it efficiently and cost-effectively.
We have been providing legal services to clients in Chicago, the Northwest suburbs, and the North Shore since 1983. Our extensive experience in residential real estate development and transaction issues means that we can often identify potential problems or areas of concern before they cause any legal difficulty. This foresight enables us act to correct the problem with little to no effect on the construction schedule for the project.
We work closely with the developer and developer's staff throughout the entire process. From the moment you envision the project, until you sell your last condo unit, Barry C. Zachary P.C., will work to protect your interests, while ensuring a successful and profitable project.

Our offices are conveniently located in Glenview, Illinois. We are available for appointments during business hours, and evenings and weekends by special arrangement.


For a consultation with Barry Zachary P.C., call 312-804-1958 or 847-677-7799 or contact us online.