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Commercial Real Estate

Chicago Metropolitan Area Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Barry C. Zachary P.C. has advised and represented clients in commercial real estate law matters. Our representation encompasses all types of commercial property in the Chicago area, including office space, industrial space, retail space, multi-family residential properties, and undeveloped land.
We facilitate profitable commercial real estate transactions and identify potential areas of risk.
When necessary, we will protect our clients' interests through aggressive real estate litigation.
Our firm provides the following commercial real estate services to corporations, private investors, and real estate development companies:
* Negotiation and review of property and land contracts
* Title and insurance issues
* Financing issues
* Structural and environmental risk assessment
* Representation at the closing
* Negotiation of leases and resolution of lease contract issues
* Commercial real estate litigation
* Landlord/tenant disputes
* Condominium conversion and construction

Every Transaction Is Different

We approach every potential transaction with the understanding that it presents not only unique opportunities — but also unique risks— which separate it from other transactions. Our experience and understanding of commercial real estate law helps us identify these areas of risk. Once identified, we can recommend and undertake actions, or initiate strategies to correct any impediments to the transaction.

Timely Commercial Real Estate Law Services

In commercial real estate matters, time is critical. Our lawyers experience enables them to identify any potential roadblocks' to a transaction, and to quickly take the appropriate action to remedy any problems.
Barry C. Zachary P.C., is timely, efficient, and cost-effective in delivering services to clients with commercial real estate interests in Chicago, the Northwest suburbs, and the North Shore.

Our offices are conveniently located in Glenview, Illinois. We are available for appointments during business hours, and evenings and weekends by special arrangement.


For a consultation with Barry Zachary P.C., call 312-804-1958 or 847-677-7799 or contact us online.